Abogado– lawyer

Apoderado– agent through a power of attorney

Avalúo– property appraisal report

Beneficiario– trust beneficiary

Bienes Raíces– Real Estate

Cesión: an assignment of rights or obligations

Corredor – broker

Derechos– rights

Ejecución– foreclosure

Escritura– public deed

Estudio Topográfico– land or plot survey

Fideicomiso– trust agreement

Fideicomisario– another way to say trust beneficiary

Fideicomitente– the trust grantor, usually the seller of the property

Fiduciario- trustee, by law, a Mexican commercial bank

Garantía – guarantee

Gravamen– lien

Honorarios– fees paid for a service

Impuesto– tax

Inscripción– act of recording in a registry of public record

IVA– value added tax

Medidas y colindancias– measurements used to describe the size of a plot of land and its location, metes, and bounds

Notario Público– specially qualified and selected lawyers that are the only people in Mexico that are able to record matters of public record

Perito– a licensed or specially certified expert in a given field, a “perito traductor” is a certified translator

Póliza- policy, usually refers to an insurance policy or “póliza de seguros”

Predial – property tax

Prima– premium paid for insurance coverage

Registro Público– public registry for land records

Seguro contra daños– hazard insurance


Zona Restringida– Restricted zone – a strip of land 60 miles from the border front and 30 miles along Mexico´s coastline, also referred to as “zona prohibida”, the forbidden zone.